3 Home Remedies To Treat Eczema That Are Proven To Work

eczema home remedyEczema is a skin condition that affects upto 20% of the worlds population, so your not on your own….

….As I’m sure you already know there are parts of the body that eczema seems to flare up most, these include, the face and neck, hands, arms and behind the knees but eczema can literally affect every part of the body.

Whilst eczema can be painful and irritating it can also be embarrassing as you get concerned about your appearance and what people may think of you.

Try these simple home remedies to reduce and treat eczema….

Bath with oats – This is an old fashioned method but can really help moisturise the skin and gives some quick relief…

  1. Fill the bath tub with warm water (not too hot or too cold)
  2. Fill a piece of clothe with 1 cup full of oatmeal and tie the top tightly forming a parcel
  3. Put the oatmeal parcel into the water and let the water go creamy for 5 minutes or so.
  4. Bathe in the creamy water for 10 minutes or until your skin is feeling a little better…..

Honey – Apply a thin layer of Natural Honey directly on to your eczema.  You can then cover this with a band aid or leave it uncovered, this really depends which part of the body you are trying to treat.  Every 30-40 minutes its a good idea to gently wash off the Honey, dry the area and start the process over again…..

Apple Cider Vinegar – can be used to soothe skin inflammation and acts like a disinfectant. You can use cotton balls to apply the vinegar directly to itchy areas, or apply to larger areas with a clean paper towel dipped in 1 part vinegar to 1 part water. However, Do not use this remedy if your skin is cracked, as the vinegar will sting and irritate your skin.

Do you want to treat your Eczema directly with fast results?

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cure eczema quicklyWith it, you can treat the affected area of your skin without having to worry about it any longer.  It gets to work straightway and gives visible improvements in as little as 3 days…

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